1. Introduction:

Resume is the tool which will build the carrier of the candidate. A resume is the past performance and the achievement of an individual. A perfect resume is the most appropriate document to communicate to the employer, who you are and what value addition you can contribute if you will be hired or given an opportunity in the organization.

2. Description:

Resume shall always be short, candid, clear, complete, concise, complete, concrete, correct and courteous with all important achievements and strengths mentioned in it. Always keep it in mind that your Resume must be self-explanatory.

Time is very precious for all. So, it is always advisable to prepare a single page resume. When you draft the resume, it shall not be more than two pages if you want to reveal your completely experience and not fulfilled with the contents in a single page. A resume shall be prepared without any spelling mistakes or grammatical error in the sentences.

3. How to build your Resume:

1) Your name should be visible prominently on the top of the resume.
2) Contact details and mail ID shall be mentioned on the left, middle or right side of the Resume, below your Name. Mail ID shall be short, catchy and website of the most recent one which is used by many people. For example, Gmail. Professional media like linked-in ID can be shared in the Resume.
3) Address is to be mentioned on the third line. The address should not be very long.
4) Carrier objective is to be clear, effective, short and mentioned below the address. Objective shall be mentioned in two to three lines. You have to mention about how your recent past knowledge, skills and attributes can help the company, if you will be given an opportunity. You need to corelate the job description of the recruiter with your Resume’s contents. To make your resume more evident, one shall mention key words relating to candidates’ own function or department/s. • If you are a fresher, then you shall mention your academics’ achievements & (%) percentage of marks, certification course, function related specialized course, summer internship, project work and training related to your academics or practical training in any industry for a short period shall be mentioned in the Resume. You may also mention about your hobby, strengths and achievements in extra curriculum activities like indoor or outdoor sports, debate competition etc.
• If you are an experienced candidate, then your experience, skill sets, achievements and strengths shall be mentioned in the Resume. You shall make emphasis if your present company is from the same segment/ sector or industry you are applying for the job.


• Your job profile and achievements shall be mentioned in bullet points. This will help the recruiter to shortlist your Resume without any extra efforts or devote much time.

• You can also mention Key Result Area and Key Performance Indicator in bullet points.

• Mention your qualities, strengths and achievements.

• Use professional Fonts: like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri etc. so that the recruiter can ready your Resume easily.

• Make the headings in bold and fonts size shall be higher than the sentences of the Resume, so that it can catch the recruiter’s attention. The size of the letters shall be corelate with the specified fonts. For example, if you are using Times New Roman then font size can be 11 and Calibri then font size can be 12. Candidates can choose Fonts according to their experience and taste.

• Avoid putting information in Tables Format if you would like to share your Resume on word format on mail. Keep adequate space in Header and Footer.

• Always use direct and action verbs in your sentences.

• If you have been called for an interview in person then always take printed copies rather than photocopies of the Resume.

• Thoroughly check the spellings, homonyms or similar words with different meanings, verify punctuations, all the numbers like date of joining and leaving in all the previous companies, date of birth or age. Better if you can show someone who is good in vocabulary and through in English grammar to scrutinize your Resume.


• Your profile description or information shall not be mentioned in paragraph. This will reduce your chances of shortlisting as recruiter has to shortlist few Resumes from the Ocean of Resumes received from job portals, social medias, consultants and references.

• Do not use Jargon words, to avoid miscommunication and confusion.

• Always avoid negative words in Resume and even in interviews in person.

• Do not fold or mark on your Resume with pen, pencil or marker and keep it neat and clean.